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Noble, the Historic Personality, was a "Tower by the Waters" - a Gentleman, Viniculturist, Architect, and Philosopher, for whom all was about Light, and Authenticity:

"To be AUTHENTIC, one must belong. Origin, that is AUTHENTICITY, is what "Terroir" is.

Belonging, is the Essence of true 'Nobility of the Blood', in Men, Vines, and Life itself.

"HOME", is that satisfying feeling of "Being Well Planted":

One must find that elusive, 'Special Place', 'Belong' to it, and wear it 'in the wool'.

'Terroir', must be "Seen" and "Understood", before it can be expressed:
Let us discover the Light of the Place, then reveal it, to enlighten our Creativity.

Ourselves, we Belong Here, rooted on the very roots that we so lovingly planted.

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Our Grapes:

As Noble Varieties, we chose "Pinot Noir" and "Chardonnay", widely cultivated in the Aube, where the first Chateau de Beaufort stood, cradle of "Beauforts", and "Tudors", site where those grapes were first introduced to Champagne, by Count Robert the "Troubadour". (French "Courtenay", and "Orleans" grow them too).

As Modern Varieties, we chose "Zweigelt" ("Doubloon"), an Austrian vine, fast gaining International recognition. And, the German "Regent", more "Shiraz"-like in aroma is earlier to reach maturity.

Ours is a Cool Climate, where short, unpredictable seasons occur, calling for experimentation. Quck vines, and methods favourable to reipening, are desirable: for a Grape, it is not easy to be 'green'!...

Helpful Methods must be developped:

Sir "Taille-Fer" (Iron-Pruner) de Vallence (Valens), found the "Art of Pruning" to be conducive to maturation of the vines, and to have an equally positive effects on all those who engage in it. That Art of prunning is the "Education" that grounds our PRACTICE:

The "Taille-Fer" lives here, among the vines, in our "Valens Vineyard"!... (the "Clos de Vallence")

Linda & Max welcome you, Friends!...

...OF THE MIND!...


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