Our Chateau is Historic; the Vineard is Physical; all else is Symbolic!...

Spiritual, not Industrial "Noble Wines ...OF THE MIND!..." is a metaphor for Systems Software & Philosophy: Concepts (that...ROCK!) that we engineer - to inspire and ennoble.

"Agro-business & Think-tank", we are Consultants, Viniculturists, Consultants, Collectors, and Philosophers, who grow 'Noble Vines', and Teach. Lofty Knowledge, and earthy Grapes, are the fruit of our Craft.

(Independently, Chateau Courtenay Noble Wines, will explore any potential for a Regional Winery)

As Above, so Below:

In our endeavour, we honour those 'Great Ladies in History', our Ancestors, and the Culture they created.

At the Core, we offer Generosity, Integrity, Balance, and Elegance: Quality.

As we Think, so we Create. We reflect the Soul of this "Terroir", and share our experiences, in hope:

in hope 'that men may rise on stepping-stones... to Higher Things' (Tennyson) .

What would Life be, without Meaning?... Or the Quest?...

young max as a boyblue grapesyoung linda as a girl

Max & Linda:

...the "kids", are having fun!...

(when does it start?!)

Alpine Meadow to Seaside, we have it all!

life is about having fun

CHATEAU BEAUFORT - NOBLE, on Denman Island, sits at the South Entrance of the Comox Valley, looking straight at the majestic Beaufort Mountain Range.

Home of the "Valens Vineyard", our Chateau basks in the warm sea-water of Baynes Sound, where Lighthouse Country meets Oceanside, near Qualicum Beach (B.C.). 'Fanny Bay' oysters grow here!...

Authenticity!...Good fishing!... Great Light!...

lofty heights

Our Grapes respond to that 'Warm Embrace', and the 'Shimmering Sunshine', with sweetness and colour, ready to be transmuted into something precious, the 'Gold' of the Philosophers, by the "Wooly Alchemist":

Blood of the 'Green Lion', Blood of the 'Red Lion'...

"Gold of the Philosophers"

"Elixir of Long Life"

(RESVERATROL?... "Reverse-it-all"?!... Feeling Younger already?!...)

The hot 'Alberni Valley', a Mountain away, barely 20 km as Raven flies, stokes Summer fires, sending a 'furnace blast' our way, to better ripen the grapes.

Chateau Beaufort Noble embodies a sublime "Terroir", a "Land-Spirit" with magic "Soul". The "Valens" (Vallance) 'salmon creek' meanders, linking our Vineyard to the oyster ladden Shore. Drake's "Golden Hind" may have stopped here.

In this sunny 'Lost Corner', Nature joins Culture, and Art follows Adventure; the Vineyard awaits to be discovered, its bounty and beauty, enticed:

Oysters, a View, Eagle Watching, something to bite, or sip, all add up to a 'Royal Treat'

CHATEAU BEAUFORT - NOBLE is a special place, with an eye for beauty

a leisure destination, for Lovers...

("Twin Cups", "Twin Hearts"... "inter-twingled"...)

twin hearts, cups twingled

Linda & Max welcome you, Friends!...

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